How to become a member

The SGKV is a non-profit association that aims at researching Combined Transport as a rational means of transport in Germany and Europe, as well as promoting CT in practice. The SGKV supports the development of efficient and environmentally friendly freight traffic through conflating the strengths of different means of transport.

The association is based in Berlin and includes more than 80 members of various logistics areas and of the loading economy, also carriers, CT operators, terminal operators and end customers.

In that manner the SGKV creates a network for the Combined Transport. The main areas of activity consist in member consulting, cooperation in both national and international research projects and consultancy service for state and commercial institutions. The SGKV offers a neutral and flexible platform for knowledge transfer and the promotion of experience exchange in the areas of transport, environment, standardization, trends and security in the Combined Transport.

The application form for membership can be downloaded and sent completed by e-mail or mail to the SGKV. Of course you can contact us by telephone as well.


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