Research Projects

The SGKV offers research services in the following areas:

Intermodal Supply Chain Management

Green Logistics

Environment Protection

Supply Chain Security

Vehicle Technology

Container Security

Terminal Capacities

Terminal Layouts

Professional education


Current Projects



ERFA KV: Climate protection by shifting of transport to Combined Transport – encourage the exchange of experiences
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SYSLOG+: Reduction of greenhouse gases via qualification of vocational training in the transport and logistics sector, enabling the trainees to develop and to evaluate complex, environmentally friendly transport chains.
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MORE KV: Increasing transparency and competition of Combined Transport in Bavaria with digital, market specific educational modules, funded by the land of Bavaria
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KV-Barometer: Increasing the use of Combined Transport in Bavaria with a set of key performance indicators, thus creating transparency, competition and awareness for CT as base for decision support and entry function, funded by the Free State of Bavaria
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ISIPLAN: Integration of logistic simulation and layout planning for logistic nodes
DIGIT: Standardization of data exchange between all stakeholders in intermodal transport for efficient communication in digital future

AlpInnoCT: Alpine Innovation for Combined Transport

Completed Projects (selection)

ADEPT (Entwicklung und Erprobung von Security-StrAtegien unD -systEmen für sichere AbstellProzesse bei StraßentransporTen, gefördert vom BMBF)

VERTIMODAL (Untersuchung und Erprobung einer technischen Lösung zur vertikalen Stapelung (Stacking) von Sattelanhängern in Umschlaganlagen des intermodalen Verkehrs, gefördert vom BMWi)

Good Sound (Identification and testing of methods and technology for the reduction of sound emission in handling intermodal loading units, funded by the BMWi)

DESTINY (DEployment of STandards for INtermodal efficiencY, funded by program MarcoPolo II (EU))

MIBel (feasibility analysis for the implementation of a horizontal transshipment technology on the rail line Bettembourg-Lübeck)

SimPLe (piezo-based sound sensors for the increase of landing security) accompanying support

SefLog (secure and efficient logistics processes through prevention, identification and coping at threat)

REIGN (Requirements for a high-capacity, sustainable intermodal transport network for Europe)

„CESAR" (Cooperative European System for Advanced Information Redistribution), EU projects 1996-1999 and 1999-2002

„InHoTra" (Interoperable Intermodal Horizontal Transshipment), EU Project, 2000-2003

“Determination of market potential for stackable swap bodies on inland waterway and during operating trials”, national project 2001-2002

Concept preparation and recommended actions for a goal-oriented development of the international Combined Transport rail-road, action plan, international CT, FuE-project of the BMVBW (now Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure), 2002-2003

Action plan “Brenner 2005”, trinational initiative of the Ministers for Transport 2002

Combined Transport - CO2 reduction, EU project 2002-2003

Joint project “Ferry Rail Link”, subproject “RoRo-Rail”, national BMBF-Project (now Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) 2003-2004

Market and feasibility study SINATRA (stackable swap bodies on inland waterway and freight train in corridor Rhein-Rhone), sponsored in the context of French-German cooperation for transport research Deufrako ( starting from 2004

Method study for traffic shifting Cargo Score Card, national BMBF-project (now Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure), 2004-2006

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