Combined Transport is a very heterogeneous field of operations, where different opinions and strategies meet. In order to unite the partially very distinct opinions of traffic carriers and players, a neutral and higher platform is required. The goal is to allow the bringing together of all the parties involved in Combined Transport on a scientific basis.

Combined Transport has many facets, many opinions, and many business concepts. In order to develop an integral and integrated traffic system which runs future freight transport in an environmentally friendly, efficient and sustainable way, a neutral authority is necessary to concentrate and communicate the different views.

The SGKV considers itself to be the communication platform for Combined Transport.

In accordance with the statutes it is the purpose of the SGKV to research and strengthen the rational connections of transport on an internal and intercompany level, as well as national and international traffic and transshipment. Our association promotes the use of Combined Transport as an environmentally friendly mode of transport in the sense of environmental protection.

In this context our functions are:

Production and publication of scientific stocktaking, market survey, studies, and the carrying out of research projects

National and international norm preparations

Consulting and information for members, government agencies and the public

Organization, coordination and the carrying out of training courses and further education programs


In the sense of a neutral contact point for Combined Transport that is open to everyone interested our association devotes itself to the following eight principles:

Employing traffic carriers in the best possible way
Intermodal employment according to the strengths and weaknesses of a specific carrier

Shaping intermodal structures in a transparent way
Creating transparency on the market and informing potential users

Ensuring scientific objectivity
Strengthening Combined Transport through neutrality and objectivity

Developing infrastructure
Early planning and infrastructure development as a strong backbone of Combined Transport

Promoting international cooperation
Supporting cooperation and initiating research for Combined Transport in Europe

Nurturing meaningful innovations
Reinforcing, expanding, and consistently developing existing structures of Combined Transport

Making information accessible
Mediation of knowledge between politics, economy and science to promote Combined Transport

Initiating research
Strengthening further development and support of Combined Transport through practical and targeted research

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